How to Initiate Behavioral Transformation in Kids

Sometimes, the kids may look acting like brats. Let me tell you something very true about this behavior of the kids. There is no such thing as brat. Children just want to be heard properly because they have feelings which they want to convey. When they are not appropriately heard, the feelings turn into big feelings which make the kids defiant, rude and misbehaving. So, when you see your kid acting like a brat, you need to understand that either is the strong connection which your child needs to have with you in order to express some feelings, or that he is struggling in meeting the expectations which you have associated with him and that he want to have better support.

With this short intro, now it is worth starting the discussion about how to initiate behavioral transformation in your kids.

Have some high expectations

When it comes to parenting, most of the people would tell you not to associate expectations with your kids. On the contrary, some would suggest putting some load of expectations on the back of your kid. Well, it is an effective strategy but you will need to consider the age factor. The age-appropriate expectations are actually going to make your kid trying to meet your expectations. In the meantime, you have to make sure that you are compassionate with your kid.

Ignore the behavior

Ignoring the behavior because of the issues you can live with is another way of encouraging your child to adopt good habits. For instance, if your child so hungry that he has started acting out, ignoring him for moment until his hunger is fulfilled will actually help him to get back on the brighter side of his personality.

Don’t scream

Screaming is commonly termed as parental tantrum which is never effective when it comes to setting expectations and limits. When you scream, the kid wouldn’t actually listen to the words you are saying. So, he/she won’t be able to receive the message you are trying to deliver. Instead, you can adopt the habit of whispering. Whispering typically involves going close to the one you want to talk to. So, when you go close to the kid and whisper, he/she would respond by immediately paying attention to what you want to say. The major advantage of screaming is that it puts you in the danger of going into ‘fight or flight’ mode when you see the inability of your child to comply.


Timeout is basically an expression of disconnection. With the help of timeout, you are actually showing your kid how it would be to get totally disconnected with every support from the elders just gone. This session will help you to warn the kid about getting disconnected if he/she continues to behave in a bad way.

Setting limits empathically

Of course, your kids need to be put in a certain limits. But, you will have to make sure that you are not acting harshly while setting those limits. Be polite and compassionate, and ensure your kids that you are there to support them in adopting the changes you want to see in them.


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